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Well, it finally happened. Winter in Alaska. I glanced down at my outside temp readout this morning as I started my car and confirmed what I had suspected--negative digits. For those fortunate enough to have a garage to keep their cars warm and toasty, this post is not for you. As the temp outside dips steadily south, take time to consider your vehicle and it's needs in colder weather. If you don't have an oil pan or block heater installed already consider getting one installed. Some vehicles can support a block heater to keep the engine warm because the engines come equipped with freeze plugs. If your vehicle does not have a freeze plug for a block heater to be installed (VW and Audi come to mind), you can still have your vehicle equipped with a oil pan heater. An oil pan heater is a heating element that attaches to the engine's oil pan and keeps the oil warm. Keeping the oil warm in colder temps is vital to keep the top end of the engine properly lubricated on st ... read more


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