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5 Signs You Need Suspension Repairs

While driving, you don't feel every little bump your car goes through, and the ride is generally smooth. This is because of the suspension system, which absorbs all of the impacts your car goes through. But as it's used all the time, even for the smallest difference in the road, it starts to break and fail. In this blog, you will read about five noticeable and easily spottable problems that point at a suspension system that's going bad.

Bumpy Or Hard Ride

One of the most obvious signs of a damaged suspension system is experiencing a harder, bumpier ride than usual. This can be caused by a part of the suspension or by other components and systems affecting it. Because of that, we recommend visiting a mechanic for a professional examination and evaluation.

Drifting Or Pulling While Turning

When driving on the highway or on a straight road - have you noticed the car pulling to one side slightly? If the answer is yes, this can be caused by the shocks, lower control arm, or trailing arm starting to fail. A simple problem like this can result in bad vehicle handling and damage to other important parts.

Difficulty Turning The Wheel

While problems with the steering wheel are more commonly associated with the power steering system, they can also be caused by faulty suspension. Both work together to turn the car when you rotate the steering wheel, resulting in possible problems for either of them.

Car Leaning To One Side

Another noticeable sign of bad suspension can be spotted from the outside - the vehicle leaning to one side. If you see this be sure to visit a shop ASAP - it can be related to serious damage to the springs and hydraulics of the suspension.

Hydraulic Fluid Leaking

If you notice oil spilling next to one of your wheels or debris and fluid buildup on the wheels, make sure to check the suspension. Hydraulic fluid can leak out and cause a hard and bumpy ride - damaging other components connected to the shock absorbers and springs.

Noticing any of these symptoms can be worrisome, but the suspension system has some of the cheapest repair costs - so be sure to visit a repair and get things sorted out.

Suspension repairs and service are some of our specialties here at Edmonds Import Auto - we invite you to bring your vehicle in, and we will take care of it!

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