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How Can the Cooler Winter Temperatures Affect My Vehicle?

It is that time when most places record the lowest temperature possible. As you prepare your house for the cold days, remember that your car is affected by the freezing temperatures like any asset you own.

Possible Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Car

It would help if you had proper winter preparation as you enter the colder months to help minimize the effects. Here are the results of cold weather on your car.

1. It may Cause Corrosion

The most affected parts of the car include the brakes and the undercarriage. The metallic element of the vehicle, when exposed to salty roads in the winter. As you drive through the roads during this period, you expose your car undercarriage. Besides, the cold temperatures shrink the vehicle's metallic parts.

2. Cold Weather Can Cause Tire Pressure Fluctuation

Like the metallic parts of your car, cold temperatures can cause your tire pressure to fluctuate. Low temperature shrinks the air in the tire, leading to a decrease in pressure. However, the tire pressure fills back when you drive, and the vehicle warms up. Such constant inflation and deflation are often stressful in winter.

3. Dead Battery

Having a dead battery during winter is a common phenomenon during winter. You may experience trouble starting the car because the battery cools down. You can prevent having a dead battery by replacing it before winter.

4. Thick Oil and Fluids

Your oil may get thick as it gets cold during winter. As a result, your engine oil pump may struggle to circulate such viscous oil. Other fluids that may thicken during winter include the transmission fluid, oil, and the car's antifreeze.

5. Wiper Malfunction

The cold weather is often harsh on your wipers. The wipers may easily cause damage to the windshield. Exposing the wipers to the cold weather may lead to them freezing to the windshield. Such wipers can easily cause breakage to the windscreen.

6. Ice in the Fuel Line

The water moisture in the gas line may easily freeze to form an icy path in the fuel line. However, gasoline can only freeze if you live in an area where the temperature drops to -100 degrees.

Contact a Professional Expert for Repair Today!

Adverse effects of the cold weather, including Corrosion, require you to prepare in advance regardless of where you park your car during winter. However, if you need a vehicle repair due to winter effects, you can bring it to Edmonds Import Auto for professional care today!

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