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Signs It's Time For A Fuel System Cleaning

Maintenance is one of the best ways to save yourself from future headaches with your car, and this holds true for maintaining your fuel system. Keeping the fuel system clean will prevent issues from gunk buildup in the system, and will keep the system from degrading the components of your fuel system.

If you notice any of the telltale signs of poorly functioning fuel delivery, it might be time to bring your car in for a cleaning:

  • Decreased power when going uphill or towing
  • Shuddering and rough starts and idles
  • Spongy feeling gas pedal
  • Slow acceleration

If you bring your car in for a fuel system cleaning with our highly trained technicians, you can expect that your car will be put through the 4-Step Fuel System Cleaning. This process was specifically designed to reach even the most inaccessible spots in your car with specialized tools, which will leave your car's fuel system squeaky clean and functioning at top performance for a long time.

The 4-Step Fuel System Cleaning Process

Step One: Valve Carbon Cleanup

No matter how refined your car's fuel and air is, impurities can still enter your engine over time and gradually pollute it in the form of hardened gunk. Eventually, the layer of gunk is so thick that it disrupts your engine and negatively affects performance. Removing this residue is an important part of maintaining the engine, and ensures that the engine valves can make the complete seals that they were designed to.

Step Two: Injector Cleaning

Inside your fuel system, there are fuel injectors that spray the fuel into a fine mist. If deposits of fuel collect on the misting needle, it can mess up the system and lead to an improperly dense spray. Cleaning the injectors will ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible, and is important to do around every 15,000 miles.

Step Three: Throttle Carbon Removal

Just like how the impurities build up in the engine, they also form gunk in the throttle body. This can impact your engine idling and air intake valve, which reduces your fuel efficiency and causes shuddering starting and idling. Cleaning the throttle body will get your car moving smoothly again.

Step Four: Fuel Additive

Finally, an additive is poured into your fuel tank to remove moisture from the fuel system and clean the injectors as long as the tank of gas lasts.

While the 4-step fuel system cleaning process may seem complicated, our technicians are highly experienced in providing this service and can do so at an affordable price. If you need a fuel system cleaning or repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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