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Well, here it goes. My very first entry into the World of Blogging. For those of you that are far more tech savvy than I, please be patient and try not to roll your eyes too much at me. I've resisted social media for far too long and I realized that if I am to ask my techs to stay on top of automotive technology then it was only fair that I kept up on my end. I prefer to engage our customers on a face-to-face basis, but as we grow larger that becomes far more difficult to do. Although we pride our shop on keeping a personal element with all of our customers we find that we can always do better at maintaining contact. Thus, our Facebook page, Twitter, and our very first blog is born. It's been quite the learning curve for our team as the demand for our services is sometimes more than we can handle, but my team always does me proud in the end. Just as my team has done me proud with servicing your vehicles, I hope I can do them proud with my end of the bargain. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can do a better job with maintaining contact I would certainly appreciate the suggestions! Thanks and I will be in touch.




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