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What Are the Different Types of Fluid Leaks?

After pulling out of the driveway, you discover something strange where your automobile had just been. You don't know what that small, dark area or that small pool of car fluid is for. There are several different kinds of automotive fluids, some of which are completely normal, while others may cause problems. So what kind of fluid could it be? Fortunately, different car fluids come in different colors, and you can usually tell by looking at them.

Oil Spill

An oil leak is typically indicated by a little black spot or a black puddle. When oil is put into an automobile, it is amber in color when it first enters the engine. As the oil lubricates the engine, it gradually turns black over time. The oil pan and numerous engine gaskets are the places where oil leaks happen the most frequently. It might be challenging to locate oil leaks because they are typically small and highly localized, but a failed gasket is almost always to blame.

Fluid Coolant Leak

It's presumably coolant if the puddle is vividly green, orange, or pink. Cars used to frequently leak coolant because, when they became too hot, the radiators would erupt with water and antifreeze. Modern vehicles, on the other hand, are much better at keeping coolant from leaking, thus a puddle in one is typically the consequence of a cooling system crack.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you detect a pink, red, or dark red spot or puddle, your automatic transmission leak is probably coming from your vehicle. Remember that while transmission fluid may resemble other fluids, if it is leaking, a puddle will undoubtedly be seen underneath the transmission, most probably where it clamps onto the wheels of the vehicle. Such seals can be changed, but doing so requires removing the transmission, that is beyond the scope of most do-it-yourself mechanics.

If you notice a leak from your vehicle stop the engine and take a look before it causes further damage to your automobile. If you need a car fluid leak repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Edmonds Import Auto today!


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