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Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Unless you are a first-time driver, the most experienced understand their cars when something is wrong. However, some issues are glaring, like a brake shudder. This is shaking felt in the pedal or steering wheel when you brake.

Causes of Shaking When You Brake

Issues with rotors or discs cause a brake shudder. The most common reasons range from minor to major problems. But here are the most frequent causes.

Wheel alignment issues

If you notice a shudder when you brake at high speeds, it could indicate misaligned wheels. When driving your car and it begins dragging to one side, it's a common indicator of wheel misalignment.

Poor brake condition

Damaged, worn, and warped brake pads cause shaking and vibrations when you brake. A squeaking sound usually accompanies it. But the brakes could also be dirty from oil, soil, and other debris, causing vibrations when trying to grasp the rotors.

Suspension issues

Sometimes your car may shake not only when you apply the brakes but also while driving normally. This problem indicates issues with your suspension. Rough roads, potholes, and rocks affect your vehicle's axle with time. This may damage your car's suspension, causing a brake shudder.

Power steering problems

When one or more components that make up the power steering system are faulty, like a leak in the hoses, your brakes may shudder. The shaking is mainly felt in the steering wheel.

How to Prevent a Brake Shudder

Heat is one of the leading causes of damaged brake pads. Avoid speeding unnecessarily to prevent a heat buildup that may cause the brake discs to overheat and warp. Also, have good quality and durable brakes installed. Poor quality brakes cannot withstand much friction and may overheat, leading to uneven pads that cause shuddering.

Fixing a Brake Shudder

When you experience a brake shudder, unless you are an expert, always have our experienced technicians check the problem. They have the right expertise and tools.

For more information or if you need brake repair, bring your vehicle to Edmonds Import Auto today for quality services.

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